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Maintaining a pleasant, professional and hygienic office environment for staff and visitors alike is critical. Good hygiene, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms reduces spread of bacteria and minimises staff sickness.

We specialise in contracts for office cleaning or one off cleans.

Our clients just want to focus on their business. To have the daily pressure of a clean and safe working environment removed from their responsibility. With our handpicked dedicated friendly staff consideration will be paid to the best times for cleaning to be carried out. This may be during quiet times in the day time or before and after the office opens and closes. Daily tasks can also be integrated with lunch time catering and break times. Services as flexible as you need them to be.


Our hygiene services are available on an individual basis or as part of our cleaning services.

  • Ladies hygiene units. Manual and Auto
  • Aircare systems
  • Skin care systems and dispensers
  • Professional vending units
  • Nappy Units and baby changing facilities
  • Sanitisers for toilet areas


ISO Cleaning Services are registered members of the British Institue Cleaning Science

We are a member of The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BISCs). BICSc is the largest independent professional membership and educational body within the cleaning industry.

Risk Assessment and method statement

Before we commence a job we will carry out the risk assessment which identifies safety control measures that form the basis of a safe system of work. The 4 steps we stake in account are.

  • Step 1: Identify hazards, i.e. anything that may cause harm....
  • Step 2: Decide who may be harmed, and how....
  • Step 3: Assess the risks and take action....
  • Step 4: Make a record of the findings.

Then the Method statement is a written record of that safe system of work for a specific activity developed from the relevant risk assessments.

The document will be sent/handed to you for your records as requested.